About the Scorecard

This legislative scorecard was designed to show you where your state legislators stand on a variety of civil rights and civil liberties issues, ranging from criminal justice to voting rights. You can use this scorecard to see whether your legislators support your values and give them feedback on their votes over the 2020-2021 session.

Direct communication with your legislators is a valuable way to encourage them to fight for our rights and freedoms.

ACLU California Action analyzes and monitors hundreds of legislative proposals each year across a wide variety of issues. We evaluate the impact on civil liberties and civil rights, and alert members of the legislature in advance when we support or oppose a bill, both in writing and by providing testimony in committee hearings. We are nonpartisan. We do not endorse or oppose candidates for elected office, nor do we make financial contributions to candidates. We urge voters to go to the polls, informed about their choices.

This scorecard reflects whether legislators voted with us or against us on eight key issue areas in committees and floor votes over the 2020-2021 session.

There were 113 bills scored in the Assembly, and 114 scored in the Senate. The numbers vary because some bills that were voted on in one house did not receive a vote in the other house. Some bills were counted in more than one issue area.

A failure to vote on a bill attributable to an absence, as verified by the official record, is not counted against a member. Abstentions are counted because they represent an intentional decision not to vote on a bill, which effectively counts as a vote against the bill because passage of legislation requires a majority of “yes” votes.


In addition to reporting scores on eight separate issue areas, we also report an overall score that takes into account our position on all bills we support or oppose, adjusted by some key additional variables.

To better reflect the extent of alignment, we adjust the overall score slightly upwards or downwards if the legislator:

  • Voted with us on all the bills we sponsored
  • Voted with us on all the bills we supported
  • Voted with us on bills we opposed
  • Voted with us on controversial bills where the vote is close to 50%
  • Authored, co-authored or presented a bill we sponsored
  • Authored, co-authored or presented a bill we opposed
  • Urged others to vote against a bill we sponsored on the final vote

For the Assembly, the number of scored bills in each issue area is as follows:

  • Criminal Justice: 67
  • Racial and Economic Justice: 22
  • Education Equity: 7
  • Immigrants’ Rights: 5
  • LGBTQI: 9
  • Reproductive Justice & Gender Equity: 10
  • Privacy & Technology: 12
  • Voting Rights & Democracy: 8

For the Senate, the number of scored bills in each issue area is as follows:

  • Criminal Justice: 62
  • Racial and Economic Justice: 24
  • Education Equity: 6
  • Immigrants’ Rights: 6
  • LGBTQI: 10
  • Reproductive Justice & Gender Equity: 11
  • Privacy & Technology: 15
  • Voting Rights & Democracy: 6