Immigrant Rights

All the rights and liberties guaranteed by our constitution apply to all immigrants, regardless of immigration status. We challenge the serious civil rights violations faced by immigrant communities.

Our Focus:

  • Ensuring no one can be imprisoned in an immigration jail without an opportunity for a hearing.
  • Ensuring conditions in which immigrants are detained are humane.
  • Ensuring that no one can be deported without a fair hearing and access to legal assistance.
  • Protecting against unconstitutional searches and arrests by federal immigration agents.
  • Guaranteeing that non-citizens have equal access to naturalization and other important immigration benefits.
  • Ensuring state officials will not be complicit in unjust federal policies.

 Recent Work:

The ACLU continues to demand vulnerable people in prisons, jails and immigration detention centers be released so they can practice the same social distancing and health precautions so vital to their well-being and that of all of us. We are also continuing to call for the suspension of state and local transfers to ICE detention during the COVID-19 pandemic.