About Us

ACLU California Action is a 501(c)(4) organization jointly formed by the ACLU affiliates in California.

Our mission is to protect civil liberties and civil rights, advance equity, justice, and freedom, and dismantle systems rooted in oppression and discrimination. The organization uses rigorous policy analysis, advocacy, and strategic communications to achieve policy change on a statewide level. We advance this work through partnerships with organizations that have members directly impacted by policy decisions in Sacramento. Beyond legislation, ACLU California Action aims to build enhanced political power and influence for the ACLU and our collective movements statewide.

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ACLU California Action Staff

Carlos Marquez III
Executive Director

Kevin Baker
Director of Governmental Relations

Becca Cramer-Mowder
Legislative Coordinator & Advocate

Kalyn Dean
Legislative Advocate

Liz Garcia Bynum
Director of Statewide Collaboration

Lindsay Cooper Martin
Manager of Finance and Administration

Jose Quezada
Legislative Assistant

Kathy Sher
Legislative Advocate

Janine Shimomura
Strategic Communications Manager

Stina Va
Digital Strategist

ACLU California Action Board

Connie Tcheng
Board Chair

Mariko Yoshihara
Board Secretary

Carl Crider
Board Treasurer

China Brotsky
Board Member

Norma Chavez-Peterson
Board Member

Elliot Gordon
Board Member

Neal Ortiguerra
Board Member

Abdi Soltani
Board Member

Hector Villagra
Board Member