Anita Narayana

Director of Strategic Communications

Prior to joining ACLU, Anita has worked several years in California politics where she focused her efforts on electing and registering Democrats.

She has served as Communications Director on local, state and presidential campaigns where she worked on traditional and digital media, crafting strategies and messaging, to engage voters across demographics.

She has also worked for progressive member-run organizations like SEIU Local 2015, where she helped amplify voices of frontline workers during the pandemic; and MoveOn, where she focused her efforts on campaigns in battleground states to turn out voters.

Anita is on the Executive Board of the California Democratic Party, serving on the Rules Committee and the Women’s Caucus, where she manages a newsletter that reaches thousands of delegates.

Anita has a dual Bachelors degree from UC Irvine in Political Science and Economics. She is the daughter of immigrants from India and is passionate about getting younger generations engaged in the political process. Anita has lived in Orange County, California for over 20 years and enjoys kickboxing classes, traveling and spending time with her two dogs: Charlie and Sully.