Technology & Civil Liberties

We defend and promote social justice in the digital age.

Our movements for civil rights and social justice are as critical today as ever – but now that we live in a digital world and rely on technology to communicate, connect, mobilize, and access basic necessities – we often must fight on new terrain.

We work to build a world where technology works for the people and enriches our lives, connects us with opportunities, and supports a just and equitable society.

Our Focus:

  • We build on the inalienable constitutional rights guaranteed to all Californians to safeguard and promote privacy, free expression and other rights for people in this state and far beyond.
  • We uncover and stop dangerous government surveillance and build real public safety.
  • We empower people to have meaningful choices about how and when they use technology and to ensure that they can control how their personal information is collected, shared, and used.
  • We work across social movements to build power to defend and promote equity and justice in the digital age.

Recent Work:

We led the successful effort to pass The Body Camera Accountability Act (AB 1215) and stop the use of dangerous face and other biometric surveillance from being used on officer worn and carried cameras. This bill will be up for reauthorization in 2022.

We led the successful opposition to AB 2261 in 2020 and stopped a bill that would have greenlighted the use of dangerous face surveillance in California.

We led the successful effort to pass the landmark California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA) to require a warrant for any California government entity to search an electronic device or compel production of any electronic communication information (from emails and text messages to metadata to cloud documents).