Reproductive Justice & Gender Equity

We work towards a state that is free of gender discrimination and that respects, values, and supports all Californians’ decisions about intimate relationships and reproduction.

Our Focus:

  • Ensuring access to reproductive health care and sex education.
  • Dismantling systems that disproportionately harm the bodily autonomy and family dignity of people of color.
  • Supporting mechanisms that enable people of all genders to participate equally in school, work, and public life.

2020 Legislative Victories

Strengthening Reproductive Healthcare for People In Jails And Prisons (AB 732): Ensures that pregnant people who are incarcerated receive comprehensive, unbiased information about their reproductive options, get access to timely prenatal and postnatal care, and receive reasonable accommodations and support that help ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Reproductive Justice & Gender Equity Legislation

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