Criminal Justice & Policing

We advocate for a criminal justice system that is fair and free of bias, respects the dignity and rights of all who come into contact with it, and is centered on community-based solutions that prioritize rehabilitation and supportive services over punishment.

We fight for protections against law enforcement violence and abuse and for investments that keep us safe through community-led interventions, services and resources.

Our Focus: 

We advocate for reforms to the criminal legal system, including pretrial, sentencing, and parole reforms, ending the death penalty and other extreme sentences, ensuring strong indigent defense systems, and ensuring that police and prosecutors are accountable to the communities that they serve.

2020 Legislative Victories

Families Over Fees Act (AB 1869): Ends the harmful and costly collection of 23 administrative fees imposed against people in the criminal system. By eliminating these fees, California will dramatically reduce the suffering caused by court-ordered debt and enhance the economic security and wellness of populations with system involvement.

Transgender Respect, Agency, And Dignity Act (SB 132): Requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to search and house transgender, nonbinary, and intersex people in its custody based on each person’s assessment of their own health and safety. By housing incarcerated transgender people based on their perception of health and safety, SB 132 will decrease their likelihood of experiencing targeting and violence. The bill also requires that facility staff, contractors, and volunteers use the gender pronouns and honorifics specified by incarcerated transgender people in all written and verbal communications.

Criminal Justice & Policing Legislation

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