End Slavery in California (ACA 8)

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Criminal Justice & Policing · Racial and Economic Justice

Contrary to popular belief, slavery was not abolished by the 13th amendment. Hundreds of thousands of people are still living in involuntary servitude due to an “exception clause” that allows free labor for punishment of a crime. The exception clause enabled the modern re-enslavement of Black people, who’ve been overcriminalized by our nation’s criminal legal system for centuries.

Last year, over 65% of incarcerated people reported being forced to work in prison, doing vital jobs like firefighting and paving roads while governments and private companies generate and save, collectively, at least one billion dollars each year from their labor. In 2022, incarcerated workers made up 43% of the state’s fire fighters, but even after some were released from prison – they were barred from serving as firefighters.

In the land of the free, forced labor is never acceptable. Prison labor is inherently coercive and exploitative. ACA 8 will seek to amend the state constitution to prohibit slavery in any form.

Primary Bill Author: Assemblymember Lori Wilson (D-Antioch)


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