Aubrey Rodríguez

Legislative Advocate

Aubrey Rodríguez (he/they) is a Legislative Advocate with the ACLU California Action.

Prior to joining ACLU Cal Action, Aubrey spent 9 years with the State Legislature. They got their start as a Field Representative for their home city of Anaheim in Orange County.

After spending 3 years in the District, Aubrey worked on a local State Assembly campaign that afforded them the opportunity to work as a Legislative Aide in Sacramento, where they eventually became a Legislative Director. During their time in the Capitol, Aubrey staffed proposals to abolish all firearm enhancements – a relic of institutional racism, establish the nation’s first wealth tax on ultra-millionaires and billionaires, tenant protections against unjust evictions utilized by the Ellis Act and worked on the most expansive measure in the nation’s history to expand bodily autonomy for people’s right to use medical aid-in-dying.

The primary reason Aubrey decided to devote their entire career to working in the Capitol is to ensure public officials are held accountable to the people they represent, and not wealthy donors. Aubrey’s orientation to their work is to pursue systemic change that uplifts and empowers all communities through an intersectional and equity focused lens. It is Aubrey’s lifelong mission to continue the movement for transformational economic, racial, social and environmental justice, and to dismantle systems rooted in oppression here in Sacramento. 

Aubrey has lived all over California, being born and raised in Southern California, going to college in the Bay Area and now living in the valley to work in Sacramento. Aubrey lives with two cats that are essentially his children, Neptune and Furgalicious (aka Furgie). Aubrey enjoys live music, frequenting music festivals, stretching every morning in their trapeze yoga swing, living in a walkable community, playing video games and learning how to play alto-saxophone.