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Tell California lawmakers: NO to facial recognition on police body cams!

🗣@senbenhueso @senbilldodd
@senatorcaballero, vote YES on #SB1038.

Protect our communities against face-scanning body cameras. Pass #SB1038.

🔗Contact your CA senator to support this bill using the link in our bio.

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California law mandates that educators call the police on students for certain behavior, denying educators the flexibility to decide how to handle each situation and exposing students of color to unnecessary contact with police and the school-to-prison pipeline.

📣Tell your California lawmaker to pass #SB1273 to eliminating state mandates for school notification of law enforcement. Take action using the link in our bio or highlights.

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📣Tell our elected officials: if you support reproductive justice, support this bill.

✔Take action using the link in our bio or in our story highlights.

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Are you ready to vote in the California June 7 Primary Election? So much is at stake.

Make sure all your bases are covered. Link in our bio.🔗

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📍Los Angeles
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Join us this Saturday as we make it known: Abortion is our right. We will not stop fighting.

Find out more info & the location nearest to you at the link in our bio.

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We have a right to abortion and we will fight for it. If you're taking to the streets today to march for reproductive freedom, we're with you.

Know your rights.

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However the decision ultimately comes down, the ACLU will never stop fighting for the right to choose when and if to have a child. ...

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Reimagine public safety. ...

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The #CareCourt proposal would lead to unnecessary institutionalization of people with disabilities and unhoused people.

This prevents people from seeking supportive services for fear of being institutionalized or otherwise having their rights stripped.

The proposal also feeds into the false narrative that most unhoused people have a psychiatric disorder.

🔗Read our press release on this proposal at our website or at the link in our stories.

#HousingNotCourt #CareNotCourt

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The CARE Court proposal would force mental health treatment on houseless people, many of whom have not sought out treatment.

We know that coercion like this has never been effective care.

ACLU categorically opposes creating a new bureaucracy on people already traumatized by our legal system.

📄Read our joint opposition letter with 40+ other organizations who oppose this proposal at our website, or in our Links stories.

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"Facial recognition software is not only inaccurate but biased, generating up to 100 times more false positives for people of color. Other states that allow police to use the technology have seen multiple Black men subjected to wrongful arrests. Californians don’t want police using algorithms as the long, and wrong, arm of the law. Ban facial recognition by law enforcement."
- @OCRegister in support of #SB1038, which would ban face-scanning body cameras.

📣Take action in support of this bill by sending a message to your lawmaker to vote YES.

🔗Action link in our bio.

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